Wedding Photo Gallery

Wedding Photography, Waterlooville, Portsmouth

Everyone will tell you how important your wedding photography is. You only get one chance, and there are no re-runs or re-takes. You should feel relaxed and confident with your photographer, it all adds to YOUR special day.

Capture your wedding day in style

My style is natural and laid back. I want to capture the day and the details exactly as they were so that you can experience the day the way everyone else did. There is so much that as the Bride and Groom you will sadly miss and that's because you are the stars of the day and everyone will be wanting to grab some time with you. I wish I could go back and witness my wedding day as a guest, watch all the events and be able to see my Mum's face as I walked down the aisle, to see all the efforts from someone elses point of view, effort that you won't appreciate as much as a different pair of eyes because you have been planning this day and all the tiny details to it for what seems a very long time.

Wedding Pictures to treasure forever

This mixed with the traditional photos of family members and friends makes a very special collection of photos you can treasure forever. I will be un-obtrusive but will happily provide guidance for specific images that you request.

But what if it rains? Ahhh well... I always carry stuff in the car with me to cater for different types of weather. I have Public Liability insurance which most venues will expect and want your photographer to have.

It's your special day

It's your special day, so a photographer should be working with you, and not instructing you on how your day should go. Of course I can make recommendations, but primarily I am there to record your special day.

We have many pictures we can show you, but every photography project is completely unique, and therefore tailored to your needs. Why not find out more, and check out my Facebook Page where you can see a selection of jobs I have covered.

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