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I am incredibly lucky to have not one, not two, but three jobs that I am passionate about and thoroughly enjoy.

I have been a dental nurse all my working life and I love my job at Portsmouth University Dental Academy. It was in this role that I first discovered photography and how to use camera equipment. My interest rapidly grew after completing a diploma in photography and camera’s and all the required (desired, but the husband need not know) equipment was soon becoming top of my Christmas goodies list. I completed a couple of professional courses to compliment my diploma and had  a lot of one to one time with a very talented local photographer.

I was soon being asked to take pictures of my friends and their beautiful families and then a few wedding requests came in from friends of friends.

I am also a hypnotherapist, this comes in very handy with any anxiety on the big day!

Why photos are important to me

In 2012 my son made an early appearance into this world after suffering two strokes in the womb. My Husband and I spent most of our time in the hospital after he was born, so much so that we didn’t get to have the beautiful newborn pictures of him and all of us as a family. I didn’t even get to have a cuddle with him until he was two weeks old.

This is what really opened my heart and mind to how so precious photographs are, regardless of whether being taken by a professional or not. You will never be able to re-live those moments.

I look back at my mobile phone pictures now of him, of us. Those early days, where no one thought we would get longer than that time in the hospital together, it is a constant reminder that life is a gift. Every single moment is significant and beautiful and I want to capture them all!

My Boy has given me the most wonderful gift. Not only has he taught me about the person I want to be, he taught me to go out there, do what I love, what makes me happy and to use my love of photography and share the gift of beautiful memory capturing with the world.


I am a registered professional photographer with The Guild of Photographers and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Both provide support and offer the opportunity to enhance photographers art by offering mentoring, training courses, forum support and qualification.










Remember My Baby

I volunteer for a wonderful charity who provide remembrance photography to families before, during or after the loss of their baby.

Personal experience with not only my own life but dear friends also, gave me the insight to just how precious photography can be to a family after a loss. To be able to have beautiful photographs of their little ones and forever hold on to them. It is an honour to give such a gift to families.